Taco Habitat Evicted From South Glenstone Building As Owner Faces PPP Fraud Allegations

2/10/2023 by Brian Hamachek

John Michael Felts, owner of Taco Habitat, has been in legal proceedings since September for Paycheck Protection Program fraud. The restaurant was recently evicted from its Glenstone location, after Felts failed to appear for a hearing in Dec. and was ordered to pay Glenstone Marketplace, LLC more than $63,000. His other Taco Habitat location in Branson is also facing legal action for breach of contract. Felts has been in court numerous times before for eviction from his other businesses, Hot Cluckers, Bourbon & Beale, and more. He has been accused of lying on applications for PPP loans, using fake identities, and buying a yacht, cars, and jewelry with PPP money. The IRS seized these items from him on Jan. 26.

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