Yorktown Systems Group Inc

Engineering Services

PPP Loan Number 9309188509

Company Overview

Yorktown Systems Group Inc

350 Voyager Way Nw
Huntsville, AL 35806-3200

Yorktown Systems Group Inc is a Engineering Services Corporation located at 350 Voyager Way Nw Huntsville, AL 35806-3200 with 300 employees.

# of employees
Average salary
$160,000.00 /yr
Business type

Company Story

Yorktown Systems Group Inc., located in Huntsville, AL, is an engineering services company providing a range of services to meet the needs of its clients. Established in 1987, Yorktown Systems Group has grown to become a leader in the industry with over 300 employees and 50 years of experience.

The company provides comprehensive engineering solutions for various sectors including aerospace and defense, medical device manufacturing and life sciences industries. Their team specializes in development design, product integration and support services for government organizations and private enterprises alike. Through their commitment to customer service excellence they ensure that every project is completed on time and within budget.

Yorktown Systems Group offers a wide variety of capabilities such as system design engineering, software integration testing & validation, computer aided design (CAD) modeling & simulations as well as prototyping build services among other things. They possess advanced skillsets such as systems engineering analysis (SEA), requirements elicitation/documentation & management along with risk assessment & mitigation planning strategies while also utilizing cutting edge technology such as 3D printing facilities amongst many more tools at their disposal all driven by experienced personnel consisting engineers who are licensed professionals across multiple disciplines including mechanical electrical & chemical /environmental/biomedical?

The company's mission is to deliver reliable solutions that enable innovation while increasing efficiency through process optimization thus ensuring customer success stories all throughout their journey together. With this goal being said they strive towards continuously upholding ethical standards while showing respect for both human values culture diversity equity inclusion compliance along with regulatory authorities from various industries enabling them move forward confidently into the future!

Loan Details

During round 1 of the paycheck protection program, Yorktown Systems Group Inc requested a PPP loan for $10,000,000.00. They were approved on 3/12/2021 by the SBA for an amount of $10,000,000.00. The loan was facillitated by Servisfirst Bank. Of the approved amount, Yorktown Systems Group Inc has received 100% of the approved amount.


Originating Lender
Servisfirst Bank

Servicing Lender
Servisfirst Bank

SBA Code

Not Hispanic or Latino
Female Owned

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