501(c)3 – Non Profit

Mountain Park Health Center

Offices of Physicians (except Mental Health Specialists)

PPP Loan Number 3839698803

Company Overview

Mountain Park Health Center

3003 N Central Ave Ste 1600
Phoenix, AZ 85012-2908

Mountain Park Health Center is a Offices of Physicians (except Mental Health Specialists) 501(c)3 – Non Profit located at 3003 N Central Ave Ste 1600 Phoenix, AZ 85012-2908 with 500 employees.

# of employees
Average salary
$96,000.00 /yr
Business type
501(c)3 – Non Profit

Company Story

Mountain Park Health Center, located in Phoenix, AZ is an Offices of Physicians (except Mental Health Specialists) company. Since 1975, the company has provided medical care and support to thousands of individuals and families throughout Arizona. With 500 employees including nearly 100 licensed health care professionals, Mountain Park is a valuable asset to the community and contributes significantly to the area's overall health and well-being.

Mountain Park provides primary health care tailored to meet the needs of its diverse patient population — from children through older adults — at its six clinics in Phoenix, Mesa, South Phoenix, Tempe/Chandler/Gilbert areas. All six clinics are staffed with board-certified physicians as well as physician assistants who specialize in family medicine or emergency medicine. On-site medical services include physicals; women's health; pediatrics; behavioral health screenings; comprehensive geriatric evaluations; chronic disease management such as diabetes management and hypertension control programs; prenatal nutrition counseling services for pregnant women receiving Medicaid benefits; immunizations including flu shots delivered in both English and Spanish languages by bilingual staff members.

In addition to delivering high quality medical care directly within their facilities Mountain Park also provides outreach activities that contribute meaningfully towards improving public access to healthcare services across Central Arizona with those lacking insurance or those who cannot afford healthcare due to financial hardship being eligible for free or discounted services at certain clinics under their local Care Team program umbrella organization which Mountain Parks partners with along side other local organizations like Valley Metro RPTA’s healthcare for homeless initiative program .

Mountain Parks commitment towards improving accessiblity & affordability extend beyond providing direct clinical & outreach operational service by working closely with government organizations like Arizona Department Of Human Service AHCCCS & Department of Health Services during enrollment periods every year . The team also works alongside philanthropic agencies like United Way Of Central Arizonas funding source development initiatives within the mountain park system aiming towards helping low income households take advantage of crucial yet often overlooked preventative measures such as mammogram screenings etc while enrolling them into government sponsored programs where applicable .

Overall ; Mountains Parks commitment towards providing accessible ,affordable , competent , culturally competent & linguistically relevant solution based approach makes it one trusted provider among many off offices of physicians specializing except mental heath spesialist sector regionally nationally but more importantly locally within central Arizonas most underserved neighbor hoods !

Loan Details

During round 1 of the paycheck protection program, Mountain Park Health Center requested a PPP loan for $10,000,000.00. They were approved on 4/15/2021 by the SBA for an amount of $10,000,000.00. The loan was facillitated by Jpmorgan Chase Bank, National Association. Of the approved amount, Mountain Park Health Center has received 100% of the approved amount.


Originating Lender
Jpmorgan Chase Bank, National Association

Servicing Lender
Jpmorgan Chase Bank, National Association

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