Non-Profit Organization

Pacific Clinics

Outpatient Mental Health and Substance Abuse Centers

PPP Loan Number 1322998906

Company Overview

Pacific Clinics

800 S Santa Anita Ave
Arcadia, CA 91006-3536

Pacific Clinics is a Outpatient Mental Health and Substance Abuse Centers Non-Profit Organization located at 800 S Santa Anita Ave Arcadia, CA 91006-3536 with 103 employees.

# of employees
Average salary
$466,019.00 /yr
Business type
Non-Profit Organization

Company Story

Pacific Clinics is a regional leader in providing accessible, high quality mental health and substance abuse services for individuals of all ages. With 103 staff members working at three locations in Arcadia, California, Pacific Clinics provides comprehensive aged-based treatment and prevention services that emphasize family involvement and support. Their integrated care model utilizes individualized treatment plans designed to produce positive outcomes while promoting self-sufficiency and well-being.

Pacific Clinics’ team of qualified professionals provide individualized outpatient support to those suffering from addiction, mental illness or other behavioral health issues. They offer tailored programs such as acute day treatment services for adults with serious mental illness; substance abuse services ranging from assessment/evaluation to intensive residential rehab; child/adolescent counseling based on evidence-based practices such as DBT (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy); adult group counseling; community education programs; crisis intervention teams; housing assistance referals; employment & vocational training referrals and much more.

In addition, the clinic has established an active research program focused on evaluating drug therapies related to treating individuals with comorbid medical conditions oraddictions that are coexisting with psychiatric disorders like depression or anxiety. The clinic also provides consultation services to school districts within the greater Los Angeles area related to behavior health issues effecting young people today.

At Pacific Clinics they believe strongly in utilizing evidence based practices technology solutions throughout their operations coupled with integrative care models that promote recovery within the community setting where clients reside have proven successful time after time for many years now..

Loan Details

During round 1 of the paycheck protection program, Pacific Clinics requested a PPP loan for $10,000,000.00. They were approved on 4/24/2021 by the SBA for an amount of $10,000,000.00. The loan was facillitated by East West Bank. Of the approved amount, Pacific Clinics has received 100% of the approved amount.


Originating Lender
East West Bank

Servicing Lender
East West Bank

SBA Code

Male Owned

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