Subchapter S Corporation

Producers Dairy Foods Inc

Dry, Condensed, and Evaporated Dairy Product Manufacturing

PPP Loan Number 2424617101

Company Overview

Producers Dairy Foods Inc

250 E Belmont Ave
Fresno, CA 93701-1405

Producers Dairy Foods Inc is a Dry, Condensed, and Evaporated Dairy Product Manufacturing Subchapter S Corporation located at 250 E Belmont Ave Fresno, CA 93701-1405 with 500 employees.

# of employees
Average salary
$96,000.00 /yr
Business type
Subchapter S Corporation

Company Story

Producers Dairy Foods Inc. is a leading dry, condensed, and evaporated dairy product manufacturing company located in Fresno, California. Founded in 2002 by John Davis and his brother Bill Davis, the company has grown to employ over 500 people and consists of three production facilities. Producers Dairy Foods Inc. provides quality-driven products that are created from the highest grade ingredients on the market today.

At Producers Dairy Foods Inc., they believe that it’s their responsibility to provide customers with top-tier service in addition to supplying them with excellent products that meet their needs as well as any industry standards or regulations involved. Their tight attention to detail enables them to guarantee consistent quality every single time they produce a new batch of products for their customers.

Additionally, all three of Producers Dairy Foods Inc.'s production facilities are registered with FDA establishments which allows them to be able to adjust quickly when trends shift or customer demands change while still adhering strictly adhere both USP and USDA guidelines whenever appropriate—all while maintaining strict hygienic handling practices even when dealing directly with raw material sources. As such this has enabled them maintain an industry-leading reputation for being reliable providers of safe food & beverage ingredients that also offer premium value for money spent investments on said materials - making it easy for customers who patronize/source from there facility be confident about getting exemplary results each time due partaking in business transactions at said facility - making sure their clients get exactly what they payed for each & everytime — delivering maximum satisfaction results even if demand shifts or changes suddenly without fail.

Loan Details

During round 1 of the paycheck protection program, Producers Dairy Foods Inc requested a PPP loan for $10,000,000.00. They were approved on 4/10/2020 by the SBA for an amount of $10,000,000.00. The loan was facillitated by Fresno First Bank. Of the approved amount, Producers Dairy Foods Inc has received 100% of the approved amount.


Originating Lender
Fresno First Bank

Servicing Lender
Fresno First Bank

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